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TEAL Learning Solutions is an accredited TTI Success Insights DISC provider and we can create a training program around your needs. By using DISC in your business, you can harness the power of understanding and reap all the benefits that come with it.

What Is DISC?

DISC is a very simple yet powerful four-quadrant framework used to articulate the common ways that all human beings tend to behave and communicate. Our DISC assessments provide feedback on all four behavioural factors to truly capture how we are unique at a behavioural level and avoid pigeonholing people.

The four core behaviors are:


Describes a type of behaviour which is direct, results-focused, go-getter. How do we respond to problems & challenges?


Describes a type of behaviour which is outgoing, enthusiastic, relationship builders. How do we respond to people & contact?


Describes a type of behaviour which is patient, supportive, dependable. How do we respond to pace & consistency?


Describes a type of behaviour which is analytical, reserved, detail-oriented. How do we respond to procedures & constraints?

There are over 70,000 possible combinations! So even if two people have the same percentage of “Dominant” behaviour, the way it mixes with their other traits makes their style distinct.

What Does DISC Measure?

DISC focuses on two types of behaviour – Natural Behaviour and Adaptive Behaviour and explores the question: HOW do we prefer to behave and communicate?

Natural behaviour refers to the way we naturally tend to behave or respond in various situations. It represents our innate tendencies and preferences, which are often influenced by our personality traits and inherent characteristics. Natural behaviour can be observed across different aspects of life such as communication style, decision-making process, and interaction with others.

Adaptive behaviour refers to the ability to adjust or modify our natural behaviour to suit different situations or circumstances. It involves being flexible, open-minded, and willing to adapt to the needs and expectations of others. Adaptive behaviour allows us to effectively navigate social situations, collaborate with diverse groups, and respond appropriately to changing circumstances.

Our natural behaviour can only be modified in two ways:

1) A significant emotional event that is so powerful and intense that it can profoundly alter our values. For example, becoming a parent or experiencing the loss of a loved one. These events can bring profound change.

2) We adapt our behaviour to better suit the needs of others, however the downside to this is that it will drain us of our energy if we adapt for long periods of time. If you use to much of your energy, you will eventually run out of it. An example of this is when you have finished a conversation with someone, and you feel exhausted afterwards. It’s because you have used up energy to adapt to their behaviour. When our energy levels are low, we revert to our natural behaviour.

TEAL DISC Accreditation

TEAL Learning Solutions are TTI Success Insights DISC Accredited. TTI Success Insights were the first company in the world to computerise the DISC assessment. They also were the first to develop a “multi-science” suite of tools providing a more comprehensive understanding of individual strengths and uniqueness. This Multi-science approach not only shows us HOW a person behaves, but also WHY they move into action. With this combination, we can understand how two people with a very similar “high D” styles can appear so different. For instance, when someone has a strong “Social” motivator combined with a “high D”, the social motivator (a drive to help others and remove conflict) tends to soften some of the D style’s characteristics. The multi-science approach produces more meaningful and useful feedback for you and your team.

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Versions Of The DISC Profile

The TTI Success Insights DISC profile is available in a number of different versions specifically designed for different applications. Our suite includes reports designed for use in recruitment and selection as well as more comprehensive coaching and development reports. Knowing your DISC profile helps you understand what your motivations, strengths, and limitations are.

Providing a validated way to profile the unique positions in any business and determine the “ideal” mix of behaviours for a superior performer.

A shortened version of the full job report designed to provide hiring managers with what they need to understand a candidate’s behavioural mix.

A report designed to explore the behavioural style of a group or team.

A set of reports that comprehensively explores a person’s behavioural style.

The Benefits Of DISC

  • Improves self-awareness and emotional intelligence 
  • Builds stronger relationships through understanding 
  • Helps managers motivate and connect with team members 
  • Reveals potential conflicts so they can be navigated 
  • Provides a framework for effective feedback 
  • Increases productivity and efficiency by aligning roles with behavioural tendencies
  • Helps with your recruitment and selection

Training & Consultancy

We are here to help you decide which DISC profile version is best for you to use and how to integrate them across your organisation. To ensure your organisation receives training that meets its objectives, we start with a free consultation to determine which DISC based solution will be most beneficial.

We also consult and advise organisations who wish to integrate the DISC framework into a broad range of pre-existing or new development strategies. This way, we can help you ensure that your company is using DISC as optimally as possible while staying within its budget. Want to know more about DISC and how you can take the assessment?

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