About this Course:

In a demanding and time-sensitive environment like most hospitality operations, effective time management is the secret ingredient to achieving greatness. This course has been created to help participants take control of their workload and provide them with invaluable strategies to optimise their team’s productivity.

They will introduce you to Eisenhower’s urgent/important principle and understand how to differentiate between urgent and important matters. They will explore multitasking techniques that will help them juggle multiple tasks effortlessly, without compromising on quality. Participants will also learn practical tips and tricks to help them overcome procrastination and stay focused. They will be able to empower their team, foster collaboration, and free up valuable time for themselves to focus on driving success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to plan your shift and create more time

  • Use Eisenhower’s principle to manage your workload and prioritise

  • Learn how to delegate tasks effectively

  • Overcome procrastination and handle time wasters

  • Gain the skills to prioritise tasks and multitask

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