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About this course

While the fast-paced kitchen environment is one factor that draws people to the culinary world, this same environment can often lead to stress. Managing stress is not just a skill; it’s a game-changer that will elevate you to new heights in your career. 

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. It affects not only our mental state but also how we behave and perform. Understanding this crucial connection is the first step toward mastering stress management. With that in mind, it’s important to address stress head-on. Rather than pushing this stress to the side, taking steps to manage it in a healthy way can both increase your productivity in the kitchen and improve your health. 

In our course, we unravel the mysteries behind stress, exploring its impact on human behaviour and how it can either hinder or enhance our performance in the kitchen. We have curated a collection of practical strategies that will help you tackle stress head-on. 

We also explore the concept of push and pull management. You’ll learn how to effectively lead your team during high-pressure situations, inspiring them to deliver their very best. You will discover the secrets to keeping your cool while ensuring a harmonious and productive kitchen environment. Your leadership skills will shine brighter than ever before.

Our course emphasises the importance of managing personal wellbeing. We believe that a happy and healthy chef is a recipe for success. Strike the perfect balance between work and personal life, ensuring you thrive both in and out of the kitchen.


  • Have an understanding of what stress is and how different types of stress make humans behave
  • Use techniques to reduce stress in your kitchen
  • Learn different breathing techniques that can calm stress and anxiety
  • Understand what motivates your team and learn how to motivate them
  • Identify when to push or pull your team and lead with constant gentle pressure
  • Understand how to improve the wellbeing of your team

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