About this Course:

To be successful in a dynamic, fast paced and competitive industry, you need to be an agile leader who can skillfully lead through change, drive performance and cultivate a people-first culture of engagement and accountability.

Situational Leadership provides participants with a useful framework to apply when delegating tasks and developing their team. We make the mistake to paint everyone with the same brush which can leave us feeling frustrated and the objectives not being met. This course will provide participants with an action-oriented framework to match an individual’s competence to perform a specific task with the appropriate leadership style.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Have a clear understanding of the situational leadership module

  • Develop your skills as a leader to apply the model in practice

  • Correctly diagnose the individual’s development need and adapt your style accordingly

  • Develop all 4 situational leadership styles

  • Explore and clarify when each style works best

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