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Heads of Department, Management at all levels, Training Managers

About this course

Having a shift brief for the sake of a ticking a box is a huge waste of time and zaps the energy from your team. That’s why creating a pre-shift briefing that helps to set the tone for the shift, gets your employees into the “game”, and encourages them to be focused on the same goals is the best way to get your team ready for service. This course will help you understand the what, why & how to prepare and run a great brief that motivates, educates, inspires and ignites passion! You will explore the different outcomes of briefing or not briefing your team, understanding the impact of not sharing your plan or goal for the shift.

Learning Outcome:

  • You will understand the purpose of the shift brief and the impact it has on business success
  • You will explore the essentials of an impactful shift brief and understand what to avoid
  • You will learn how to plan, deliver and assess an impactful brief
  • You will use the 30/70 rule in shift brief delivery, ensuring the team
  • Practice empathy internally and demonstrate it externally are engaged and are actively listening

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