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Managers at all levels including kitchen managers

About this course

Empathy is a critical skill for leaders and has become even more essential during the recent events of the pandemic and staff shortages. Leading with empathy was once seen as a soft approach whereas it is key in driving change and ultimately delivering business results.

This course will look at the difference between empathy and sympathy, exploring Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the understanding the multigenerational workforce. The course is highly reflective on both the participants and those they lead. Participants will be equipped to understand others in an empathetic way, allowing them to make sound decisions as a leader, improving their communication and will learn practical skills that can be put into practice straightaway. Ultimately, participants will be able to lead an engaged and motivated team to deliver business results.

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the benefits of leading with empathy and understanding the differences between empathy, sympathy and apathy
  • Learn about the three types of empathy while exploring Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – understanding others needs
  • Look at the multi-generational workforce and how to create a collaborative and inclusive work environment
  • You will learn how to practice empathy internally and demonstrating it externally

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