Recommended for:

General Managers, HR/L&D Leaders and Business Partners, Management at all levels, Operations & Area managers

About this course

When people are working closely together, especially in an industry which is so fast paced like hospitality, it is inevitable that conflict will arise. Having a challenging conversation can cause anxiety and stress for both parties involved. It doesn’t matter if you are working in reception or if you are in a senior leadership meeting, nobody enjoys the prospect of having a challenging conversation. Why? Because they fear the response they may receive.

Having challenging conversations in a positive way, not only strengthens the team but also deepens relationships when approached the right way. Avoidance is the enemy of harmony and can cause a situation to escalate, resulting in disfunction in the team.

This course will cover different topics and reflect on situations that are common in our industry and will provide techniques which will equip them to have challenging conversations with confidence.

Learning Outcome:

  • 6 Step process to follow, no matter how challenging the conversation
  • They will explore emotional intelligence through self-reflection and understanding others
  • Useful techniques to emotionally regulate before approaching a difficult or challenging conversation
  • Ability to deliver feedback in a constructive way utilising approaches such as radical candor and reflection
  • The ability to apply transactional analysis to any situation, avoiding the “drama triangle”

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