Recommended for:

Deputy Managers, General Managers, HR/L&D Leaders and Business Partners, Management at all levels, Operations & Area managers, Senior managers

About this course

In October 2024, the UK enacted new legislation to strengthen protections against sexual harassment in the workplace. This law requires employers to take proactive measures to prevent sexual harassment and provides clearer reporting and accountability mechanisms.

Sexual harassment can have devastating effects on individuals and create a hostile work or learning climate. This course will ensure you are informed of your rights and responsibilities under this updated legal framework. It will empower you with the knowledge and tools to recognise, respond to, and prevent sexual harassment. Together, we can cultivate workplaces and communities built on respect, dignity, and accountability.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn the definition and legislation on sexual harassment

  • Understand what constitutes sexual harassment

  • Recognise and name different forms of sexual harassment

  • Raise a sexual harassment complaint

  • Respond to a sexual harassment complaint

  • Create a respectful and inclusive work environment

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